Interview: Diamondprox [Gambit Gaming]

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A professional League of Legends player Daniel "Diamondprox" Reshetnikov talks to League of Legends Finland after their victory in IEM Katowice. He is the Jungler for Gambit Gaming, the team formerly known as Moscow 5.

Diamondprox sheds some light on how Gambit Gaming ended up winning the latest IEM tournament and also how he thinks he himself performed. In addition to more serious questions, he also tells a bit about his own Champion preferences and why he keeps playing League of Legends. Without further ado:

The interview

How do you feel about your performance in IEM Katowice, seeing as Lee Sin was almost permanently banned against your team and we saw you with some junglers that you have, based on past tournaments, not been playing that often?

I sucked first two games of the group stage and played near perfectly other games with a couple of mistakes (chose wrong priority to dive/save solo-line versus MYM; accidentally popped ulti before charge near dragon in the first game versus AZF). New patch gave us new useful junglers and now Lee Sin isn’t a panacea. I often played Xin and Mundo. I admitted that Amumu is inferior to Mundo/Xin versus Asian teams. Zed was unlucky.

If you could, would you now do something differently at the tournament?

I wouldn’t pick Zed and Amumu. I would play only Mundo, Xin, Lee Sin, Shen and wouldn’t make mistakes described above.

How does it feel to win a big tournament after some less successfull tournaments?

It’s beautiful. Especially with these efforts to get through group stage and then you flawlessly beat so strong opponents.

Did your IEM victory depend on enemy teams making more mistake or have you improved as a team / learned to counterplay Asian strategies?

If we don’t consider as a mistake the fact that their ad carries can play only on two champions, then we won only by improving our skill.

What was your biggest play in the tournament?

I think there weren’t “my biggest plays”. I liked some of my ulti as a Xin which heavily broke positioning of enemies, though.

What keeps you playing LoL instead of say, Dota 2?

Difficulty of playing, interest, community and popularity.

Who do you think is the best jungler in the world?

Probably Shookl2, but we’ll never know.

What are you favourite Champions?

Lee Sin, Xin Zhao, Zed, Rengar.

What is the next big event we will be seeing Gambit Gaming in?

IEM finals.

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